David Luiz cheats the vanishing spray to help Zlatan Ibramovic take a free-kick during PSG vs Chelsea

Former Chelsea defender decided the free-kick should be taken somewhere other than where the referee thought it should be

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David Luiz was always likely to play a prominent role during the Champions League tie between his former team Chelsea and current side PSG.

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However, the way in which the Brazilian caught the attention during the tie at the Parc de Princes was unexpected, even for the wacky defender.

Just before half-time he and Zlatan Ibrahimovic prepared to take a free-kick from just outside the Chelsea penalty box.


The referee marked the spot where it should be taken using vanishing spray, the free-kick aid that was such a hit during the World Cup and that is now used in football matches across much of Europe. But when he walked off to mark a line 10-yards away where Chelsea's players should stand, Luiz played a little trick.

As Ibrahimovic prepared to place the ball, Luiz wiped off the vanishing spray and then attempted to draw a new line with the foam-like substance a few inches closer to the goal. Ibrahimovic then placed the ball in the new spot.


The officials, who appeared to fail to spot the cheeky trick, will be relieved that the free-kick was blasted over by Ibrahimovic when they watch it back. The match ended 0-0.