Davies doubts Uefa quotas will foster home talent

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The Football Association's executive director David Davies doubts that Uefa's new guidelines on homegrown players will have the required effect and said there are no plans to impose them on clubs domestically.

Europe's governing body has agreed to impose quotas on clubs for locally trained players in Champions' League and Uefa Cup matches. From the 2007-8 season, four home-grown players must be included in squads for European club games - at least two trained by a club's own academy, with two more developed within the same association.

By the start of 2008-9, the minimum number of homegrown players will rise to eight - four plus four, almost a third of the total squad size of 25.

Uefa wants national associations to impose identical quotas throughout their leagues, but Davies said: "There are reservations in a number of countries and our view is that we have no plans to extend this domestically. Will the object of these proposals actually be achieved? Perhaps all that will happen is that some clubs will go abroad to bring in players at an even younger age."