Dimitar Berbatov: 'Who should we be worried about?' Arsenal pay price for mocking Monaco team ahead of 3-1 defeat

Bulgarian striker scored second goal in Champions League tie at the Emirates

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Dimitar Berbatov returned to north London and showed that, whilst he still looks incredibly lazy, he does know how to score a goal.

The former Fulham, Manchester United and Tottenham striker capitalised on a Per Mertesacker mistake to score Monaco's second goal of the night in the Champions League Round of 16 first-leg tie against Arsenal.

The away goal, by a player who admitted prior to the match he would have liked to have played for the Gunners, could prove crucial in deciding which team advances to the quarter-finals.


But could it be a case of Arsenal getting their just deserts?

Prior to the game Arsenal's official Twitter account posted a tweet in which they appeared to question the talent at Monaco considering the French side had loaned star striker Radamel Falcao to Manchester United.


It turns out there were three players Arsenal should have been worried about.