Eric Cantona pledges to swim the English Channel if 10,000 beer lovers admit Kronenbourg is the best lager in the world

Cantona promises to swap his football boots for his speedos if fans get behind the lager

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Manchester United legend Eric Cantona is going to swim the English Channel if 10,000 beer fans agree that Kronenbourg is the best lager in the world.

The Frenchman revealed that his latest quest will see him ditch the football boots for a pair of speedos in order to “stand up for what I believe in”.

Since he’s retired from football, Cantona has remained a regular face on television, with his most recent outing being a comical advert for the lager brand that saw hop farmers take the place of football’s global superstars.

Speaking in a video to announce his latest challenge, Cantona said: “I have an announcement to make.


"I Cantona, will swim the English channel to Britain, if you agree with me that Kronenbourg is the supreme tasting beer in the world.”

Eric-Cantona.jpgHe added: “I have never turned down an opportunity to be bold and make a statement in the name of something I believe in.

"I Cantona, will swim the Channel in the only way I know best, and show the world once again that I stand up for what I believe in.”

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