Former model Claudia Romani could become referee in Serie A

The 32-year-old could be the latest women to officiate in football's biggest leagues

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A former model could become the first female referee in Serie A, the Italian top-flight.

Claudia Romani has passed all the qualifications required to officiate in the top two divisions in Italy.

The 32-year-old is quoted as saying: "Running around on the pitch with all those players and calling the shots is just an irresistible opportunity."

No female referee has taken charge of a Serie A match, however female officials in the most popular leagues in the world are becoming increasingly common, if still incredibly unrepresented.

In England's Premier League, no female official has refereed a match however Sian Massey-Ellis has become a regular running the line as an assistant.

In Germany, Bibiana Steinhaus became the first female referee to officiate a professional men's match. She was recently at the centre of controversy when in her role as a fourth official, Bayern Munich manager Pep Guardiola began to take his frustrations out on her as he watched his side draw 0-0 with Monchengladback. The Spaniard made physical contact with Steinhaus which is an offence in German football.

The role of women and sexism in football is an ongoing debate, with the recent story of TV football presenter Katarina Sreckovic being asked to leave the touchline because she was 'too attractive' and 'distracting the players' an example of issues the game must address.