Franz Beckenbauer calls for goal-line technology to be introduced in Bundesliga

The honorary president of Bayern Munich wants to see Germany follow the lead set by the Premier League

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Bayern Munich's honorary president Franz Beckenbauer has called for goal-line technology to be introduced in the Bundesliga immediately.

A valid goal from Hoffenheim's Kevin Volland was not given during a 2-2 draw with Nurnberg at the weekend as referee Torsten Kinhofer and his assistant both adjudged the ball had not crossed the line.

Television replays were able to show quite clearly that the ball had in fact crossed the line and that the goal should have been given, prompting a debate in Germany over the German Football League's (DFL) decision to rule out using goal-line technology - known in England as the 'goal decision system' - until 2015 at the earliest.

"We can fly to the moon and do amazing technological things so surely a camera or something can be installed which shows precisely whether the ball has crossed the line," Beckenbauer said.

"We are living in an age of technological development and that really belongs to it."

His appeal is likely to fall on deaf ears, though, with the German Football Association (DFB) siding with the DFL in rejecting the technology, which was used in Sunday's Community Shield match between Manchester United and Wigan in England.

"We've got to be careful in taking this step," he is quoted as saying by

"The DFL has stated clearly that it will come after 2015 at the earliest, and we are right behind that.

"The technology has got to be perfectly reliable first."

Kinhofer, who did not allow the goal at the weekend, has said he and his fellow referees would welcome the assistance of technology in such instances, while apologising for a mistake he claimed was only human and will be repeated if such assistance is not provided.