Gerard Pique celebrates Barcelona's Champions League win by smoking big cigar in changing rooms and cutting net from goalposts

The defender played his part in Barcelona's 3-1 triumph over Juventus in Berlin

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When Arsene Wenger caught Wojciech Szczęsny in the changing rooms with a cigarette it led to the Arsenal goalkeeper being dropped.

But it's unlikely Luis Enrique will dish out a similar punishment to Gerard Pique who after winning the Champions League final with Barcelona lit up a big cigar in the dressing room at the Olympic Stadium in Berlin.

The defender posted a picture on Twitter of himself puffing away with his feet resting on the cup that Barcelona won for a fifth time thanks to their 3-1 win over Juventus.

But it seemed pictures alone wouldn't suffice Pique's desire for reminders of one of Barcelona's greatest nights.

Gerard Pique cuts down the goal net after the Champions League final win over Juventus



He also took one of the goal nets, which he removed himself with a pair of scissors. Pique did the same thing after Barcelona's victory over Manchester United at Wembley.