Italian football could face fresh scandal after Bagheria score eight own-goals in final ten minutes to lose 14-3

The match occurred between teams in the eighth tier of Italian football with reports claiming that the result was to prevent another team from qualifying

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Italian football could be rocked by another possible scandal after a team that scored eight own goals in the final 10 minutes of a regional cup match contributed to a one-sided 14-3 defeat.

The match in question was between Borgata Terrenove and Bagheria in the Coppa Sicilia in a three-team group that also contained Partinicaudace, with all three clubs playing in the Prima Categoria division – the eighth tier of Italian league football.

Bagheria required a point to qualify from the group, but found themselves 4-3 behind with 10 minutes to go on Wednesday. Italian media then reported that following two quick-fire Borgata goals, three Bagheria players then scored another eight own goals in a row before the full-time whistle.

The outcome of the group means that Borgata qualify on goal difference ahead of Partinicaudace thanks to the result, with claims from their manager suggesting that the Bagheria players did not want Partinicaudace to go through.

“It had been a real contest up to a certain point then Bagheria staged a farce,” the Borgata coach Ignazio Chianetta told Italian website Siciliaingol.

“Their captain told me they preferred us to qualify rather than Partinicaudace.”

Partinicaudace's coach Giovanni Cammarata reportedly said: “I can guarantee there was no agreement between us and Bagheria.

“I can't try to understand a motive for these eight own goals. It has nothing to do with football and I hope the FIGC investigates.”

The FIGC's regional president, Sandro Morgana, said: “I will personally inform our prosecutors about this and they will look into the case and establish which sanctions should apply.”

However, the 11-goal victory falls well short of the record defeat that currently stands at 149-0, when AS Adema beat Stade Olymique L'Emyrn in Madagascar in 2002, after the Stade Olymique players were outraged by a refereeing decision. As a result, they deliberately scored all the goals in their own net to protest the ruling.