Jose Mourinho drops huge hint about move to Chelsea: 'Clubs in England love me - especially one'

The Real Madrid manager was speaking after his side's Champions League exit at the hands of Borussia Dortmund

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Jose Mourinho gave the clearest indication yet that he will leave Real Madrid and go back to Chelsea at the end of the season after failing to get the Spanish side into the Champions League final for the third time of asking following a 4-3 defeat on agreegate to Borussia Dortmund.

“There are clubs in England that love me; especially one” said Mourinho when asked if he was more appreciated in the Premier League than in Spain. It almost sounded like the “I am a special one” all over again.

Asked if the decision had already been taken he said: “I have not made a decision out of respect for my club. I have a contract, not that contracts are worth that much these days. But I want to play the Spanish Cup final at the end of the season and I want to finish second in the league.

”And then I will sit down with Florentino Perez my president and my friend. I know I am loved in England by the supporter,s by the media who treat me in a fair way criticising me when it is merited and praising me when it is deserved.

“Here in Spain some people hate me and it is difficult to make my decision because I like the club and I have a lot of affection for people here. We have made a great team that is ready to win something.”

The sub-text throughout was that Real Madrid might get to the European summit but Mourinho would not be going there with them. He added: “The important thing is that Real Madrid win it [their 10th European Cup] that is what is important. I don't live by what nearly happens. It has been three great years in the competition for them and the 10th will come.

”If it comes with me then great and if not then great because I have a lot of friends here. We failed in the first season because they didn't let us win. In the second we went out on penalties and this time we went out because of a terrible first game. But Madrid is a fantastic club and because of these last three years they are now top seeds in the competition.“