Lionel Messi: Barcelona superstar denies Luis Suarez hat-trick chance... and then makes a meal of the penalty with double miss

The little Argentinian proved he may well be human after all

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Lionel Messi was the best player on the Etihad pitch for 92 minutes... it's a shame for him that the whistle blew two minutes later.

Messi had been brilliant in the 2-1 victory over Manchester City playing in a very withdrawn role that allowed him to dictate the play. Manuel Pellegrini's team - playing way too open in the first-half - didn't have an answer for the forward, who roamed the pitch in beautifully destructive fashion.

City had a brief spell just after half-time, and pulled a goal back, but Barcelona soon weathered that storm and were soon on top again - Messi the orchestrator of a brilliant performance.

However, Messi was brought down in injury time and, with a long way still left in the tie, decided he would take the penalty thus denying Luis Suarez a hat-trick on his return to England.

Messi then fired a weak penalty that was easily saved by Joe Hart.

The No 10 had a shot at redemption when Hart palmed the balll straight back into his path, but inexplicably, Messi headed wide from just eight yards out with the whole goal gaping.

Messi has now missed five of his last 10 penalties for club and country.

Cue the internet losing their minds:


Messi has now missed five of his last 10 penalties.