Luis Suarez got locked out of his house in Barcelona so took pictures with the club's fans

Former Liverpool striker had forgotten his keys

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Luis Suarez is currently without a house since his £75m move to Barcelona and is instead staying with his in-laws in Castelldefels.

Spanish media and Barca fans have been stationed in the small town since he arrived hoping to catch a glimpse of the controversial 27-year-old.

After an afternoon out with his wife, Suarez returned to the house to be greeted by numerous people and after avoiding a couple of questions, tried to head inside.

There was only one problem - he had forgotten his keys (skip to 1min 50s on the video).

After a couple of minutes failing to get into the house, and with a small crowd gathering, Suarez eventually gave up.

Rather than run away from the press pack and fans he instead stopped for a couple of minutes and take multiple pictures with delighted fans and children.

He might have been banned from football for four months for biting an opponent for the third time, but it would seem Suarez is a loveable rogue off the pitch.