Luis Suarez joins Lionel Messi in making the most of the snow in Spain

Barcelona players have been taking advantage of the cold snap

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Earlier this week Lionel Messi took a day off from training for 'personal reasons' before just a day later a few eyebrows were raised when he was pictured making the most of the snow in Spain.

But it seems that the superstars of Barcelona simply love the white stuff.

Whilst Messi was seen sledding with his son Thiago and partner Antonella Roccuzzo, it seems Suarez is content just to pull the sled.

Pictures posted on Instagram featured the former Liverpool player pulling his young children along behind him. With his wife also a part of the family day out it seems the Suarez's also made a snowman. The images were accompanied by a message which translates as "Thank you my loves for making me spend this wonderful day with you. I love you with all my heart."



Here's Messi enjoying himself in the cold...



Barcelona are next in action on Sunday when they play Athletic Bilbao.