Manchester United fan tricked his way onto Barcelona bus and then greeted Lionel Messi and Co as they boarded

Prankster conned his way onto the vehicle ahead of the Spanish club's Champions League tie with Manchester City

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A Manchester United supporter has revealed how he conned his way onto the Barcelona team bus before it travelled from the team's hotel to the Etihad Stadium for their Champions League tie with Manchester City.

The Manchester Evening News report how Tommy Dunn boarded the bus outside The Lowry hotel in Salford after informing the bus driver that he was security and then greeted the players as they boarded the vehicle.

"I knew in advance that the Barca team were staying at The Lowry Hotel," Dunn said.

"I got up that morning and said to my lads 'I think I will try and get on the team bus today'.

"I waited for the team to come out then went up to the driver, who asked me who I was and I said I was security and would be travelling with the team to the ground.

"I sat behind the driver and greeted the players as they got on the coach by saying 'Hola' to each one.

"Lionel Messi answered me in broken English, saying 'Hello'."


The breach of security happened ahead of Barcelona's 2-1 victory over Manchester City in the first-leg of their Round of 16 Champions League meeting.

Dunn, who also got close to Real Madrid players as they celebrated their Champions League win on the pitch last May and managed to infiltrate England's team hotel five years ago, explained that he left the coach before it travelled to the Etihad.

"It is down to confidence and having the front," said Dunn.

"It happens all the time, security is so lax.

"If it gives people a laugh it can't be a bad thing."