McGregor seeks to deny Barça again

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Rangers goalkeeper Allan McGregor has warned his team-mates not to concede "stupid" free-kicks around the penalty area in tonight's Champions League match at Barcelona.

Rangers had McGregor to thank for the goalless draw at Ibrox last month after he tipped a Ronaldinho free-kick on to the crossbar and over, although he was not given credit for the save by the referee Konrad Plautz, who signalled a goal-kick. Ronaldinho scored two trademark free-kicks in Barcelona's 3-1 home win over Real Betis on Sunday and McGregor is hoping the Brazil superstar will be denied any similar opportunities. "Every time we go out, our aim is to keep a clean sheet. If we do that, then that's half the battle," McGregor said.

"We have to watch that we don't give away any stupid free-kicks at the edge of the box. We did that OK in the first game, apart from the one in which they hit the bar, but we need to watch this game.

"It is one of the biggest tests of the season. I will probably be a bit busier, that's what people have been saying to me. But I will enjoy the occasion. We have a good chance to qualify. We only have to win one game but it will be difficult."