Neymar and Lionel Messi mobbed on arrival in Munich as fans try to take selfies with Barcelona stars - and one walks straight into a pillar

Barcelona face Bayern Munich tonight for a place in the Champions League final

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The dreaded selfie. Everything about them are infuriating, especially if you're a professional footballer, as Neymar and Lionel Messi found out this week.

The pair looked like they were under attack by the feared ‘Selfie Stick Crew’ when they arrived at Munich airport ahead of their Champions League semi-final second leg against Bayern Munich.

But one fan was so excited to see Neymar and try to get his autograph that he forgot to look where he was going – and walked straight into a concrete pillar.

Fans swarm Neymar to try and take a selfie with him

A fan ends up walking straight into a concrete pillar

The fan is able to laugh about it and gets an autograph for his efforts

Watch the comical moment below…


Holding back a smile, Neymar clearly felt some sympathy for the Barcelona supporter and decided to stop and sign his shirt for him, with Messi deciding to do the same moments after.


The players do have security and police on hand to keep them safe from the fans determined to get their snap with the global superstars, but it must be said, they’re doing a pretty awful job.