Video: Seven injured as football fans clash with police at indoor football tournament in Germany

The game was eventually abandoned with SV Darmstadt 98 leading Zurich by four goals to three

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Several people were injured after violent clashes broke out between riot police and football fans during an indoor football tournament in Frankfurt on Saturday.

Reports said that four fans and three police officers were injured as violent clashes occurred during the match between German club SV Darmstadt 98 and Swiss-based team Grasshoppers Zürich.

A confrontation between players on the pitch soon spread is said to have spread to the stands with both sets of supporters throwing plastic cups filled with beer and other missiles at one another.

Footage from the game then saw fist fights taking place as Darmstadt fans attempted to invade the Zurich section of the stands.

Riot police were sent to break up the scuffles but this seemed only to spark further outrage as police and Zurich fans clashed.

Police were eventually forced to use pepper spray and batons to try and calm down the supporters on both sides as the violence spread to outside the arena and into the gangways behind the stands.

Police reported that four Zurich fans were arrested following the outbreak of violence.

The game was abandoned with Darmstadt leading Zurich 4-3.