Malaga's Weligton claims he grabbed Lionel Messi's throat because Barcelona forward called him a 'son of a b****'

Incident happened in the goalless draw between the teams last night

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Lionel Messi clearly had beef with Weligton last night.

The Barcelona ace was grabbed by his throat by the Malaga defender in the 0-0 La Liga draw at the Estadio La Rosaleda .

Weligton claimed he reacted because Messi had insulted him.

"A minute before Messi tried to play a one-two, I tried to block him with my arm," Weligton said.

"He thought I caught him in the face, but it was by accident. You can see from the images. He got angry and came at me, calling me a 'son of a b****.' That was when I caught him by the throat."

Weligton, who has shown a yellow card for the incident, said the pair have did not speak after the game either.


"There was no need to talk with him afterwards," Weligton said. "If he wants to talk to me then no problem, if I make a mistake then I recognise it and apologise. But if he acts another way, then no problem either."