German football fans are known for their relentless chanting, amazing banners, beer drinking and now their ability to milk the opportunity to taunt opposing managers.

During the Bundesliga match at Borussia Monchengladbach over the weekend, Wolfsburg coach Dieter Hecking was sent to the stands by the referee. 

Room could only be found among the supporters of Monchengladbach it seems, which was far from ideal as fans tried to chat and took selfies. But it got even worse when they saw their side score. 

As Hecking sat there showing nearly no emotion, those around him erupted in delight. A couple of them couldn't help but taunt the Wolfsburg boss.

It capped a bad week for Hecking who saw his side eventually beaten 2-0 on Saturday, the result following on from the Champions League defeat to Manchester United in midweek.

The incident will have brought back memories for Arsene Wenger who was memorably sent to the stands at Old Trafford for the final couple of minutes of a game, much to the delight of the United supporters surrounding the Arsenal boss.