FA Cup prize fund rise

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The FA board has approved a new prize fund for next season's FA Cup, with a 69% increase from last season.

The total prize fund will increase from £9.7m to £16.4m, with raised payments in every round.

The winners will receive a total of £3.8m, an increase of 58% from last season's £2.4m. This includes £2m for winning the final alone, up from £1m.

The runners-up will receive £1m from the final, and £2.8m overall. The losing semi-finalists will receive £0.5m, £1.3m overall.

The 2008-09 season is the first under the new TV deal with ITV and Setanta, worth £425m over the next four years.

FA chief executive Brian Barwick said: "I am delighted that the clubs playing in the FA Cup will benefit from this extra financial boost which reflects the huge importance the FA places on our flagship competition."