Jose Mourinho disagrees with Paul Lambert and says FA Cup retains a 'special meaning'

The Chelsea manager is not of the same opinion as his Aston Villa counterpart

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Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho believes the FA Cup has “a special meaning” and disagrees with Aston Villa manager Paul Lambert's assessment that the tournament is an unnecessary distraction.

Lambert suggested the competition is an unwelcome one for Premier League clubs, but Mourinho, who won the trophy in 2007 during his first spell at Chelsea.

"The FA Cup has a special feeling, a special meaning," Mourinho said.

"I was lucky to win lots of trophies but to win the FA Cup at Wembley and feel what it means was one of my high moments in my career. "I have a good feeling for the competition and the good things this country has in terms of football I think we have to keep them."

Mourinho sees no reason why clubs not involved in European competition do not take the FA Cup seriously.

He added: "I don't agree (with Lambert), but Paul has the right to express his opinion and he has a right to think differently than I think. And I have the right to think differently than he does.

"Especially for teams without European competition, where they play 38 matches during a (Premier League) season, and where FA Cup matches come not in midweek matches but one more weekend with football, I don't see a reason for the clubs for not trying to win matches."