Blackpool goalkeeper Joe Lewis forced to wear 'autographed' shirt for Championship match as dire situation at beleaguered club is laid bare

The Seasiders, already relegated from the Championship, are in a mess financially

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Blackpool goalkeeper Joe Lewis was forced to wear an autographed shirt during the club’s Championship match against Reading last week.

The 27 year-old had no other choice after it emerged that the club, who are currently without a kitman, were short of goalkeeper jerseys.

The incident, revealed by Lewis’ teammate Andrea Orlandi in a blog post, represents another embarrassing moment in the beleaguered club’s season.

Before the game, Lewis accidentally put on a shirt which he had signed for a presentation later that night.

When he noticed his error and attempted to change the top, he was told there were no others available.

“It was funny because he tried to put a plaster over the writing to cover it,” Orlandi said.

“Things like that however, details without apparent importance, make a difference in a club. A small thing? Probably, but still not a normal thing for a Championship club.”

Since the departure of Blackpool’s long-term kitman Steve Wales last summer, other staff members have had to take on the role, including the former youth team physio and the club secretary.

Another shirt was eventually found for Lewis to change into for the second half.