Embattled Wednesday earn stay of execution

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The Sheffield Wednesday chief executive, Nick Parker, has called for potential buyers of the club to step forward after the Owls avoided a winding-up order by being granted a 28-day adjournment at the High Court yesterday.

The League One club were in court over an unpaid PAYE bill of £600,000 and Mr Registrar Jacques granted the club an extra four weeks after their lawyers claimed Wednesday were on the "verge" of a takeover deal with a consortium of local businessmen.

However, the Owls are facing a separate order relating to a hefty debt owed to Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs. And Parker is desperate for genuinely interested parties to get a deal done, insisting that the club going into administration would not represent a better deal for the suitors.

"I am very relieved but more importantly I am very, very angry," he said yesterday. "This club should not be where it is today. Do not believe 28 days; the real deadline for the club is 1 December when that extra petition comes on board.

"The reason I am angry is because there are people out there who go to the media when they should not. There are people out there who say they have money when they do not.

"The one glimmer of hope I can give to Sheffield Wednesday fans and the community is that there are other people out there who understand how important Sheffield Wednesday is.

"It's now time for those people – they know who they are and I know who they are – to step forward in private and do a deal with the bank and no longer shilly-shally and make excuses for doing it.

"They will not get a better deal by us going into administration and if they were doing that then that would make me very upset."