Lowe accuses Redknapp over Woodward role

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The Southampton chairman, Rupert Lowe, has accused his former manager Harry Redknapp of saying one thing and meaning another over the appointment of Sir Clive Woodward to the club's technical staff.

"Harry was involved. I went and saw Harry and asked him whether he thought it was a good idea to appoint Sir Clive Woodward and he was overtly keen to work with him," Lowe told Sky Sports News."I think, in retrospect, what Harry said to one's face was not what he said to the media. If he hadn't felt comfortable with Clive coming in he should have said so, but he didn't."

Southampton were relegated under Redknapp. Their working relationship did not, as Lowe recognises, bring about the desired results. "That was not a good appointment and I think everybody has their views as to who should or shouldn't have been appointed over the last couple of years," Lowe said. "It hasn't worked for us as a club. Sometimes in life people have tough spells and the ones that actually prevail are the ones that don't give up."

Supporters continue to pin much of the blame for the club's slide into the Championship on Lowe, and a consortium headed by Andrew Strode-Gibbons is considering a bid to take control. But Lowe is reluctant to relinquish control and insists that he will listen to any complaints about his chairmanship. "I listen and can't fail to listen," he said. "It tends to happen when things aren't going well and then it dies down."