Ups and downs

The National Game: 26 clubs, from every corner of the country, still have everything to play for on the last weekend of the Football League season
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Champions Sunderland.

Promoted Wigan or Ipswich.

To go up Ipswich (at Brighton) must get a better result than Wigan (home to Reading).

Play-offs Wigan or Ipswich, Preston, plus two from Derby, West Ham, Reading, Sheffield United.

Derby (at home to Preston) need a point, or for either Reading or West Ham to fail to win.

West Ham (at Watford) must match or better Reading's score, or to win, while Derby lose.

Reading (at Wigan) need to better West Ham's score, or to win while Derby lose.

Sheffield Utd (at Wolves) need West Ham and Reading to lose, and to gain six goals net on Reading, and seven on West Ham.

Relegated Rotherham and Nottingham Forest plus Crewe, Gillingham or Brighton.

Crewe (home to Coventry) need to win and either Gillingham fail to win, or Brighton lose.

Gillingham (at Forest) need a win if Crewe win, or a draw if Brighton lose.

Brighton (home to Ipswich) need a point, or for either Crewe to fail to win, or Gillingham to lose

League One

Champions Luton.

Promoted Hull.

Play-offs Tranmere, Sheffield Wed, Brentford and either Hartlepool or Bournemouth.

To stay in the play-offs, Hartlepool must avoid defeat at Bournemouth.

Relegated Stockport, Peterborough, Wrexham plus either MK Dons, Oldham or Torquay.

MK Dons (home to Tranmere) need to draw while Oldham lose by two goals, or win and either Oldham fail to win or Torquay lose.

Oldham (home to Bradford) need to win while Oldham lose, or to match or better MK Dons' result, or to lose by only one goal while MK Dons draw.

Torquay (at Colchester) need a point, or for either Oldham or MK Dons to fail to win.

League Two

Champions Yeovil, Scunthorpe, Southend or Swansea.

Also promoted Two from Yeovil, Scunthorpe, Southend and Swansea.

Yeovil (home to Lincoln) need a point for promotion. Defeat will suffice unless Scun-thorpe at least draw and both Southend and Swansea gain +4 and +5 goal difference respectively. They need to match or better Scunthorpe's result for the title, unless both lose and Southend or Swansea gain +4, or +5 goal difference respectively.

Scunthorpe (at Shrewsbury) need a point for promotion unless Southend and Swansea win by at least nine goals each. With the same caveat, if they achieve a better result than Yeovil, they win the title. They are also promoted if Southend or Swansea do not win.

Southend (at Grimsby) need to match or better Swansea's result for promotion, or win while Scunthorpe lose, or win while Yeovil lose, and gain +4 goal difference. They need all three for the title.

Swansea (at Bury) need to better Southend's result for promotion; or win while Scunthorpe lose; or win while Yeovil lose, and gain +5 goal difference. They need all three for the title.

Play-offs Either Yeovil, Scunthorpe, Southend or Swansea, plus three from Lincoln, Macclesfield, Northampton and Darlington.

Lincoln (at Yeovil) are effectively qualified. Even if they lose Northampton and Darlington would both have to win and overturn negative net goal differences of 12 and 14 respectively.

Macclesfield (home to Rushden) need a point or for either Northampton or Darlington to fail to win. If Macclesfield lose by a goal, and Northampton win by a goal, it depends who scores most goals today. They have +5 goal difference advantage on Darlington.

Northampton (home to Kidderminster) need to match or better Darlington's result, or to win while Macclesfield lose, and score more goals.

Darlington (home to Cheltenham) need to better Northampton's result, by three goals if both win, or win heavily while Macclesfield lose.

Relegated Cambridge and Kidderminster.