2014 World Cup: Police investigate gunshots heard near Honduras team hotel


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Police in Brazil are investigating gunshots heard near a hotel where the Honduras football team are staying for the 2014 World Cup.

A police officer in the town of Porto Feliz in Sao Paulo state said no spent cartridge was found in the street and neither the Transamerica Hotel, nor nearby buildings showed signs of being hit by a bullet.

The Honduran delegation reportedly filed complaints with Fifa and the World Cup organizing committee after the shots were heard, SuperSport has reported.

The incident is now believed to be related to a police chase after thieves robbed an ATM cash machine near the hotel.

Saul Bueso Mazariegos, the delegation's head of security, said: "Of course we were alarmed. We had all arrived a little earlier from Porto Alegre and we were in our rooms, unpacking our suitcases after the trip. Some were already asleep, others were still awake."

He added: "The shots did not hit the hotel. We heard them from inside, they were coming from the street."

Honduras' training camp is located in Porto Feliz, about 120 kilometers (75 miles) northwest of Sao Paulo. The team are due to play against Ecuador on Friday.