Beckham might make World Cup after all - expert

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England captain David Beckham might be available for the World Cup, a bone expert said today.

"He may be fit in seven weeks' time," said Professor Angus Wallace, professor of orthopaedic and accident surgery at the University of Nottingham.

Manchester United confirmed that it was the second metatarsal bone which had been broken.

Beckham has already started his rehabilitation and is receiving intensive treatment.

Prof Wallace, who is also chairman of the National Sports Medicine Institute, said: "I think he's likely to be treated in a plaster cast for three to four weeks, then he's likely to be mobilised for another two to three weeks, and may be fit in seven weeks' time."

He said that was on the basis of it being an undisplaced fracture.

The five metatarsals are the long cylindrical bones in the foot.