Brazil vs Germany World Cup 2014: Brazilian media reacts to the defeat... and they're not happy

The Brazilian press went to town after the stunning 7-1 defeat to Germany

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After a defeat in Belo Horizonte Brazil are in mourning. Their newspapers have displayed a range of emotions this morning, from sadness to anger and hatred as the failures of the 1950 team was forgiven by the abject performance of the current side.

A few of the newpspapers went for eye-catching front pages without pictures or with just one word explanations.

The words "shame", "deception", "pain",  "anger" and "humiliation" are noted on various front pages, while O Dia even tells national manager Luis Felipe Scolari to "Go to hell".

This defeat will last long in the memory of the Brazilian nation. The 1950 team who ost the final on home soil were never forgiven – the team’s colours were even changed from white to yellow such was the willingness to forget that match.

One newspaper, Extra, finally forgave that team with the headline: "Congratulations to the runners-up of 1950... Yesterday we found out what shame really is".

The German media, on the other hand, are obviously delighted. Bild found itself lost for words after the performance and even said as much, with the headline "No words!"