Brazil vs Germany: Google marks World Cup semi-final with ‘vanishing spray’ doodle

Google's 54th World Cup doodle shows referee spraying his 'vanishing spray' in front of a wall made out of Google letters

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Google has geared up for tonight’s mouth-watering World Cup semi-final clash between Brazil and Germany with a Google Doodle that includes a referee using ‘vanishing spray’ on the players.

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Users who land on the page will be greeted with a letter R posing as a World Cup referee spraying his “vanishing spray” in front of a wall made out of Google's letters to ensure they stay the obligatory ten metres away from internet users.

The referee then playfully uses the spray as shaving foam for Team Google’s letter G, who is sporting a rather impressive beard and moustache combo.

The Doodle is in honour of the newly introduced “vanishing spray” that has been a big hit with fans and players alike at this year’s World Cup.


The spray is used to draw a line that ensures players are the required ten metres away from a free kick; however, it miraculously disappears just moments after being sprayed.

The new Google Doodle is number 54 on the list of Google’s World Cup 2014 World Cup Doodles, with others including the Google letters watching a football match in the boardroom and another one showing the Google letters lining up as a wall before running away when they realise the person taking the free kick is Cristiano Ronaldo.