Carli Lloyd scores brilliant half-way line goal for Women's World Cup final hat-trick - and claims she 'visualised scoring' as US beat Japan

US won the final with a 5-2 win over Japan

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Carli Lloyd scored a brilliant hat-trick as the US beat Japan 5-2 to win the Women's World Cup on Sunday night.

As if that wasn't enough her third goal was a lob from the half-way line after nut-megging an opponent - simply one of the best goals in World Cup history.

Lloyd said she had dreamed of playing in a World Cup final - although she saw herself scoring four girls rather than three.

“The break we had before we met up in Jersey I was home and it was just my headphones, myself and I at the field and I’m running and I’m doing sprints and I just completely zoned out,” Lloyd recalled to reporters.

“I dreamed of and visualised playing in a World Cup final and visualised scoring four goals.

“Sounds pretty funny but that’s what it is all about.

“At the end of the day you can be physically strong, have all the tools but if your mental state isn’t good enough you can’t bring yourself to bigger and better things.

“For me I am just constantly visualising … and I was on a mission today.”