Community Shield signals landmark for sport as technology makes its football bow

The annual curtain raiser to the new season will see Goalline Decision System introduced to English football for the first time

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Greg Dyke, the new chairman of the Football Association, believes the Community Shield will come to be seen as a landmark day in the use technological aids in refereeing.

This afternoon’s match is the first major fixture in England to feature GDS (Goalline Decision System) but Dyke believes using technology to ascertain whether a shot has crossed the line is only the start.  He said: “When we look back in 25 years’ time we will say ‘that was the beginning’. I think it is inevitable there will be more use of video technology to help referees. You always have to play off how much it will slow the game down, but it is bound to come. The referees do a great job, but it is becoming harder for them.

“It won’t be in the next two or three years, but over time. Personally I think penalty-kicks will be a no-brainer, but it will be down to the referee to call for a review. If he thinks, ‘I’m not sure, I could do with some help here’.”

Dyke was unconcerned about cricket’s problems with DRS this summer preferring to cite successful use of video in both rugby codes to confirm the award of tries.