Cristiano Ronaldo sports a dodgy new haircut for USA game... but is it the worst at the 2014 World Cup?

World's best player adds a dodgy zigzag to his immaculately coiffed hair

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Cristiano Ronaldo will step out onto the Manaus pitch against the USA hoping to bounce back from Portugal's thrashing at the hands of Germany.

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In preparation for the eyes of the world being trained on the No 7 once more, the world's best player has decided to rock a new haircut.

But it's not one of his best.

Ronaldo, always looking as if he's stepped straight from the runway to the football pitch, has inexplicably added a zigzag to his perfect locks.

But fortunately for the Real Madrid man, the dodgy zigzag is not even the worst work a barber has done at this World Cup.

We look at some of the worst offenders in Brazil.

Portugal face the USA in Manaus. Kick off is at 11pm.