David Gill rejects Fifa vice-president role after Sepp Blatter wins election because of the 'terribly damaging events' under his reign

The former Manchester United chief executive has confirmed he will not take up the role as Britain's Fifa vice-president

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David Gill has confirmed he has rejected the offer of becoming Fifa vice-president due to the "terribly damaging events" that culminated in Sepp Blatter winning a fifth term as Fifa president.

Former Manchester United chief executive Gill announced at a Uefa Confederation meeting on Thursday that he would refuse the role is Blatter beat Prince Ali bin al-Hussein in the Fifa presidency election on Friday despite being chosen to sit as Britain’s Fifa vice-president.

But after Prince Ali pulled out of the running following a 133-73 deficit after the first round of voting, Blatter was named Fifa president to continue his reign over football worldwide into a fifth term that started back in 1998.


Gill issued a statement to the Press Association on Saturday to confirm that he will not take up the role and expressed his severe concern at how football will change – or the lack of change – with Blatter still at the helm.

"This action is not something I take lightly but the terribly damaging events of the last three days have convinced me it is not appropriate to be a member of the Fifa executive committee under the current leadership,” said Gill.

"I do recognise that Mr Blatter has been democratically elected and wish Fifa every success in tackling the many troubling issues it faces. However, my professional reputation is critical to me and I simply do not see how there will be change for the good of world football while Mr Blatter remains in post.

"I will continue to focus on my positions within the FA and Uefa, which I take seriously and am privileged to hold."

Sepp Blatter celebrates victory in the Fifa presidency vote

There was an unusual moment ahead of the vote when Blatter welcomed Gill onto the Fifa Congress stage to announce him as vice-president, fully knowing that he had threatened to refuse the job should the 79-year-old Swiss win the election.

Gill was elected into the role by the other members of Uefa, and it is likely that another election will take place to fill the British vacancy at Fifa.

"As I explained to my European colleagues at the Uefa meeting on Thursday, I will not be taking my place on the FIFA executive committee,” Gill added. “Out of respect for the Fifa Congress and the other 208 member associations, it was right to wait until after yesterday's election to confirm my decision."

The Football Association chairman Greg Dyke

Gill's comments come after FA chairman Greg Dyke vowed to continue to oppose Blatter and admitted he would be "very surprised" if Blatter was still in the job in two years' time.

"This is not over by any means," said Dyke. "To quote the Attorney General this is the beginning of the process, not the end.

"The idea Blatter could reform Fifa is suspect. I'd be very surprised if he was still in this job in two years' time.

"That was a bloody nose for him. It may not have been devastation but he never looked comfortable the whole time.

"It was as though 'you might win this one, but you might not win the whole thing'.

"That was a good result for Prince Ali, who had more than a third of the people in Fifa saying to Blatter 'we don't want you' - and given the powers of patronage that's a good result."