England players discuss the Capello experience

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As the England squad returned to their respective clubs, they gave their reaction to the 2-1 friendly victory over Switzerland at Wembley Stadium, marking Fabio Capello's first match as manager.

The Blackburn Rovers midfielder David Bentley said he was pleased with the performance, adding: "We've laid a foundation and every player, including myself, we have to grow and we have to improve. But we've laid our foundation now and the manager wants us to play more football.

"We've only had three days with him (Fabio Capello) and we've all really enjoyed it. When you come to work, that's what he wants, he wants you to come to work, work hard, be disciplined and respect each other. That reflects on the pitch, we're all hunting the ball together."

Asked what it felt like to replace David Beckham, Bentley said: "David Beckham. I admire the man, I grew up watching him and he's a legend in English football. But I'm myself and I'm at the start of my England career. I'll just have to work as hard as he did to try to get the level he did and, hopefully, further. Only time will tell. If I stay honest and true to myself and keep performing, then, hopefully, I'll get there. You are always compared to another player. It's time. The more international games I play and the bigger games I play, I'll be making a name for myself."

England captain Steven Gerrard admitted there was room for improvement, adding: "There are a lot of steps to take, before we get to the level where he (Capello) is happy. We're really impressed with his ideas and methods, he's certainly a winner. But it's going to take time for the players to fully adapt and perform exactly how he wants us to perform. There were signs of it and the future's bright because he's a very good manager and he's impressed me over the last few days.

"But it's important we don't get carried away and we don't raise expectations. It is only early doors. We've started with a win, but there is a long way to go before we're really happy.

"The manager asked the midfielders to support the striker and I thought I did okay. The two goals came from that, but it was a different formation for a lot of the lads and with the time we can get used to it."

"Being captain gave me a boost. When he named the captain in front of the boys, it gave me a real big boost. We'll have to see what his idea is for the long term, but I was really pleased to lead the side out."

David James offered an insight into the new regime. The Portsmouth goalkeeper said: "The three days have been very, very different. We've watched a lot of the TV coverage and the interpretations that have been put on the rules people have mentioned. Yes, there are rules but it's interesting to see how people have perceived them. It's been different, it's been good, it's been concentrated. We have been rotated a lot and the most impressive thing was the fact that no one knew what the side was other than Stevie Gerrard until ten minutes before we left on the bus. In some respects that causes a little apprehension but at the same time it keeps everyone focused.

"The rules are strict. We all have to eat together, get to the table together on time and we leave when everyone is finished. At first you are looking at people and thinking 'hurry up'. The difference is that in the past people would go in, have two minutes of food and then run off. When you're with your teammates it might be a mundane conversation but it's nice to actually have a conversation with your teammate and build a relationship with the guy rather than think 'he's off again, that lad who plays for so-and-so.

"There was a lot of rotating and I genuinely didn't know what the team was. We would be sitting in rooms and chatting together saying 'you're going to play and you're going to play. I was sat with Gareth Barry at one point and he had no idea he was going to play and I didn't want to commit myself to think I was going to play because I didn't want the disappointment. I was anticipating playing of course because previous history has shown that not being prepared for games can be bad.

"He had a flipchart and lifted a sheet up to reveal the one with the team on it. I was waiting for the crowd to cheer. No one had a clue. I suppose you could say there were indicators that I might have a chance but no one came up to me and said I was going to play. I was happy with that as long as I played."

Goalscorer Jermaine Jenas said that his recent experiences at Tottenham Hotspur under head coach Juande Ramos had helped him. "I was a bit apprehensive, but did all I could in training to get a start, and it paid off," he said. "I have waited a long time for it, but just have to keep working hard at Spurs, getting games there and securing results, then the rewards will come.

"I feel I am playing good football under our new gaffer (Ramos) and it is all going well. He has come in and changed the way which Tottenham have played, and that has changed my game as well. What he (Ramos) has done is help Tottenham to become a stronger unit, which has allowed the likes of myself and Aaron Lennon to go on and do what we do best - get in behind, create things and score goals.

"As a midfielder, you have to be able to defend at one end and create at the other end. That is the modern-day midfielder. Sometimes, though, you can take on too many responsibilities as a midfielder - you want to tackle back and also create things. Then you have no energy."

Striker Wayne Rooney said: "We know we can play better, but the most important thing was the win. We've only had a few days to work with the new manager and put bits of it into the game. We've got a lot of time until the World Cup qualifiers and can work on things until then.

"It's always exciting when a new manager comes in as you want to show you can play and earn your place in the team. Everyone has worked hard. It was a different team to what we've seen in the last few years and the players who came in did really well. It's looking good for us at the minute.

"It felt like a new team. David Bentley did really well, he's like a young David Beckham with his vision and his confidence. He's brilliant and played really well. The way Becks has played over the years he's been a fantastic player for England and I'm sure he still will be. But the way Bentley plays with his vision, his crossing and always finding players is brilliant. He provides the perfect delivery, created a few chances and as a striker that's all you can ask for. "I enjoy playing up there, I've done it a few times for United this season so have no problem with that. I had a few chances so can't complain. Sometimes you want to get a bit more involved the game, but the main thing we've worked on this week and the manager's tried to get across to all the players is that it's all about the team. If that means me staying up the pitch and not getting involved as much as I want that's no problem for me.