England v Chile: Gary Medel tweets picture of humiliating initiation for new team-mates

Three youngsters given bizarre haircuts after joining up with the squad

Usually you are let off with singing or dancing in front of your new team-mates – but the Chile national team have taken the level of humiliation during an initiation up a notch.

Cardiff City midfielder Gary Medel has tweeted this picture of himself alongside three youth players who, while not part of the official La Roja squad to face England on Friday, have travelled to gain experience with Jorge Sampaoli’s team.

Sebastian Vegas, Roberto Riveros and Carlos Lobos may be highly rated youngsters, but to Medel they are known as something else. "Bienvenidos a La Roja pichones !!! ;)" he wrote under the image, which translates as "Welcome to La Roja little pigeons".

It seems Medel, nicknamed "Pitbull" after his combative playing style, has already made his mark.