England v Portugal: Man for man

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David James: Good shot-stopping, decisive punching at corners; but poor communication again with defenders and a couple of worrying fumbles


David James: Good shot-stopping, decisive punching at corners; but poor communication again with defenders and a couple of worrying fumbles. Marks 7/10

Gary Neville Previous defensive sharpness gone slack. Caught napping several times, contributed up front in early stages. 4

Ashley Cole Perilous at times, losing ball in key areas, but two excellent early blocks on Ronaldo saved immediate equaliser. 8

John Terry Strong and positive, but a worrying tendency to play Portuguese front-line onside by staying too deep. 6

Sol Campbell A rock of certainty at the heart of the England defence once again. Muscular authority sorely needed. 9

David Beckham Another industrious but strangely leaden performance by a player unable to find the cutting edge. Awful penalty. 3

Frank Lampard Steady outing from Chelsea man. Covered diligently. Finished strong with a striker's goal. 7

Steven Gerrard Usual energy and commitment, but booked for heavy tackle on Deco in dangerous area. 7

Paul Scholes Uninspiring. Allowed the Portuguese too much space on the right. 4

Wayne Rooney Looked full of telling intent, but little chance to express it before he went off injured. 6

Michael Owen Inspiring return with sublimely-taken opening goal; all awareness and deftness. Unlucky not to add to it on half-hour. 9


P Neville (for Scholes, 56) Unable to alter the growing Portuguese tide in midfield. 5

Vassell (for Rooney, 26) Harried to good effect despite little support. Painfully unlucky with last penalty. 7

Hargreaves (for Gerrard, 81) Worked diligently but could do little to halt Portugal's growing influence. 5


Ricardo No chance with the opener, but prevented Owen doubling score on half-hour. Ultimate match-winner. 8

Miguel: Effective in defence and constantly moving up the right wing to good effect. Linking well with Deco. Marks 7/10

Carvalho: A welcome steady influence at the centre of defence. Sensible distribution. Important block on Owen after 54 minutes. 7

Jorge Andrade: Leggy and capable in the tackle, but too often caught in no-man's-land as England mounted swift attacks from midfield. 6

Nuno Valente: Powerful and effective as a defender, and came forward to good effect on opposite flank to Miguel. 7

Costinha: Gifted Owen opening chance. A terrible, misjudged clearing header which went backwards. 4

Maniche: Driving midfield presence kept Portugal at England's throats after the opening goal. Almost equalised with fine drive. 8

Deco Constantly burrowing away at the England defence. High nuisance value, but struggled to make a clear impact. 6

Luis Figo Laboured much, but often in vain. Wasted two free kicks in highly promising positions on edge of box. Lacklustre. 4

Cristiano Ronaldo: Tricky, tricksy, but just about held in check by the equally pacey Ashley Cole. 5

Nuno Gomes Struggled for impact. Few chances, but a continual threat in the heart of the England defence. 5


Simao (for Costinha, 62) Immediate impact with his running wide on the left, and his telling passes infield. 7

Postiga (for Figo, 75) Made telling contribution that has so often been missing from his game at Tottenham. Typical. A smartly-taken header. 8

Rui Costa (for Miguel, 78). Stunning late strike. Kept midfield moving. 8