England V Switzerland: Man For Man

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David James: Escaped after poor first-half punch. Static for Hakan Yakin free-kick. Still fails to convince. Marks: 4/10

Gary Neville: Not at his most assured. Lucky not to concede first-half penalty. Set up third goal. 5

Sol Campbell: Imperious in the air and on the ground. Great physical strength. Held defence together. 7

John Terry: Nervous start. Conceded possession and free-kicks. Confidence grew as game wore on. 5

Ashley Cole: Left exposed by Scholes, he coped admirably. But should have counter-attacked and used his pace more. 5

David Beckham: Clever pass to help create Rooney goal. Flickered but his passing range improved. 6

Frank Lampard: Energetic but slack in possession in first half. Ran with the ball too often. Eventually settled down and improved. 6

Paul Scholes: Drifted infield creating room for Cole, but also leaving him exposed. Intelligent passing when on the ball. But faded. 5

Steven Gerrard: Great run for Rooney's first goal but struggled to gain control. Spread the play cleverly. Struck his goal calmly. 6

Wayne Rooney: Assured, aggressive and drove his team on. Now the talisman. He took his goals well. But he also deserved his booking for poor challenge on Stiel. 8

Michael Owen: Showed great composure to set up Rooney. But, in general, far too stationary. Lack of conviction and confidence starting to cause concern. 5


Owen Hargreaves (for Scholes, 70): As ever showed great energy and pushed forward with intent. 6

Darius Vassell (for Owen, 72): Great determination and pace to create second goal. Pushing for starting place? 6

Kieron Dyer (for Rooney, 82): Pace should have been used earlier. Was unable to get into game. 5


Jorg Stiel: Quick off his line. Assured. Under no great pressure until the end. Unfortunate with second goal. Marks: 6/10

Bernt Haas: Tried to get forward but was panicky in defence. Nevertheless, dismissal was very harsh. 5

Murat Yakin: Stood up well and provided a threat at set-pieces, combining with his brother, although he tired. 6

Patrick Muller: Held a strong defensive line but then got into terrible mess for second goal. Struggled with pace. 5

Christoph Spycher: Read play well, covering across the defence. Unfazed by challenge of Beckham. 6

Benjamin Huggel: Aggressive, James Beattie lookalike. A handful for Cole but then faded. 6

Fabio Celestini: Competed well but, as a defensive midfielder, was withdrawn as Switzerland chased game. 5

Raphael Wicky: Took fight to England, aggressive in the challenge, and tried his best to get forward. 6

Hakan Yakin: Fantastic delivery from set-pieces. Dangerous in possession. Took up intelligent positions. 7

Stéphane Chapuisat: Simply too old. A yard, never mind half a yard, too slow. Failed to threaten. 3

Alexander Frei: Fluffed a first-half header. Hard-running up front. Occupied defenders. Led the line well. 7


Daniel Gygax (for Chapsuisat, h-t): Almost scored with first touch. And tried to score with every other. 5

Ricardo Cabanas (for Celestini, 53): Provided a forward threat but unable to make any great impression. 6

Johann Vonlanthen (for Hakan Yakin, 83): Too little time to make impression - although Hargreaves may disagree. 5