Entire population of San Marino could have fitted into empty seats at Wembley

Perhaps free tickets should have been given to those who live in the micro-state

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As fully expected, England cruised to victory last night over San Marino, the worst team in the world.

With nothing of note happening on the pitch, attention quickly turned elsewhere.

Why hadn't England scored more goals? Wayne Rooney should have been more clinical. Joe Hart being voted man-of-the-match!

Another aspect that came under discussion was the attendance - at 55,990 well under the 90,000 capacity at Wembley. Some might argue that it is still an impressive figure for a game involving a team that fielded only one professional footballer.


But even more interesting than all of that is that the entire population of San Marino could have fitted into the empty seats. In total there were 34,010 spots unoccupied inside the national stadium, whilst the population of the micro-state stands at 31,448.

Perhaps the FA should have given them away to the people of San Marino, at least it would have improved the atmosphere.