Euro 2012 Diary: Antonio Cassano rejects 'gay' team-mates


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The Italy striker Antonio Cassano has caused a stir by saying he hoped there were no homosexuals in the national team. This followed media reports that there were two "secret" gays in the squad. "That's their problem. I hope there isn't one in the national team," he said.

Sheva back down to earth with a bang

After scoring both Ukraine goals in Monday's 2-1 win over Sweden, Andrei Shevchenko was involved in a car crash while travelling back from the game in Kiev.

With his wife also in the car, Shevchenko stopped at a crossing and a Jeep drove into him. No-one was hurt and he signed autographs before going home.

'Going Dutch' takes on a new meaning

Having seen their team fail to qualify for the finals, a group of Belgian supporters have sold their loyalties for the tournament to an anonymous Dutchman.

The mysterious benefactor paid €3,000 on eBay and in return the fans will "watch the [Dutch] games, wear the colours, buy the flag and learn the anthem". All proceeds will go to Unicef, after the cost of a few pairs of clogs, no doubt.