Fifa President Sepp Blatter accuses Uefa of taking 'no responsibility' after corruption scandal

Mr Blatter said of Uefa: 'They have to be an example. They should help and come in and take responsibility'

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Fifa president Sepp Blatter has shifted attention to Uefa when questioned on allegations of corruption, accusing the confederation of taking "no responsibility" for the current situation.

After his reelection for a fifth, four-year term  Mr Blatter said at a press conference in Zurich today: "Even now, the big Uefa, they don't have an independent ethics committee. They don't have it!

"If you are part of Fifa, you are part to help. Uefa is the biggest one with the best players and the biggest clubs.


"They have to be an example. They should help and come in and take responsibility. When you are elected you have to come in, if you don't come in for your first meeting, this is no responsibility."

Seven officials and associates were arrested in Zurich on a US corruption indictment earlier this week, as Fifa gathered for its congress.

Mr Blatter, 79, described the issue as "infractions" involving a marketing company in the Americas.

"I don't see how Fifa should have been directly affected by this," he said.

He also questioned the timing of the US prosecutors, saying Fifa "could have been contacted at another time" rather than before the assembly of the organisation’s world congress.

Mr Blatter beat Prince Ali Bin al-Hussein of Jordan in the Presidential election at Fifa’s world conference on Friday.