Fifa retain World Cup places allocation

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FIFA will keep the same number of World Cup places for each confederation for the 2014 tournament, the organisation announced today.

The world governing body will however hold a draw for the four countries who play off for two spots - for the last World Cup it was fixed in advance that a South American country would play one from CONCACAF, and an Asian country play the leading country from the Oceania confederation.

It means Europe will continue to have 13 spots for the World Cup in Brazil. The hosts will have their own slot meaning there could be as many as six South American countries taking part.

Meanwhile, the 2015 women's World Cup has been awarded to Canada.

FIFA's financial report shows the body made a surplus of 631million US dollars (£387million) in the period 2007-10, including the World Cup in South Africa.

That is 32million US dollars (£19.6million) down on the 2003-6 figures, when the World Cup was held in Germany, but overall revenues have shown a 59% rise on four years ago to 4.189billion US dollars (£2.571billion).

"The World Cup in South Africa was a great financial success," said FIFA deputy secretary general Markus Kattner.