Former Ghana coach reveals players played against Portugal in the World Cup with $100,000 in their backpacks

Kwesi Appiah was called to give evidence into inquiry into woeful campaign

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Kwesi Appiah, the former Ghana coach, has revealed that some of his players had kept their ($100,000) £61,000 World Cup bonuses in their backpacks in the dressing room while they played their must-win final group stage fixture against Portugal.

In one of the World Cup's more shocking stories, Ghana's squad members had threatened to boycott the match against Portugal unless they received their appearance fee. Eventually President John Dramani Mahama intervened and arranged for $3m in cash to flown in the day before the 2-1 draw.

Appiah, who left his position as Ghana coach two weeks ago, was speaking at the presidential inquiry into Ghana’s woeful World Cup campaign, where he was called to give evidence.

"Most of the players had their $100,000 in their backpacks. Psychologically that hurt the team," he said.

"In actual fact it did affect them. There are so many factors related to performance. Players need to focus on the game. Everything erupted after the Germany game.

"I believe if the money had come early, it would have raised their morale. I do not know why people claim we are slow starters. We lost against the USA but played well and we played at a very high level against Germany."


Their disastrous tournament was also soured by an incident which involved midfielder Kevin Prince-Boateng, who allegedly clashed with Appiah. Boateng was eventually sent home from Brazil in disgrace.

"Yes there was a confrontation and exchange of words, he was using foul words and it wasn’t nice,” said Appiah.

"If something that happens only once then we could forget and move on but he kept on repeating it in front of the younger players.

"Kevin made me angry and I told him I don’t want to see him. When it happened he knew I was angry and so was he.

"I did not report the matter for two days to see whether he would show remorse but he did not. Every time he saw me he would frown and move past me and so I went further to report it to management and the decision was taken to send him home.”