Hodgson: 'I don't think the England job is impossible'

West Brom manager says he is 'flattered' to be candidate for role that should not daunt top coaches

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Roy Hodgson does not believe being England manager is an impossible job and says he would be flattered to be considered for the role.

The West Bromwich Albion manager is emerging as a serious alternative to Harry Redknapp, although the Tottenham manager remains favourite to succeed Fabio Capello.

Hodgson, who has managed three national teams, is by far the most experienced available Englishman and his contract at The Hawthorns runs out at the end of the season. "I don't think any job is impossible," he said, pointing out that there are fewer differences than people imagine between running a club side and an international one. "England have won a major tournament – only one, but they've still won one – and we are working in a league where football of a very high quality is played and we are producing players who most people would regard as top European standard. So, impossible, no."

Tipped as the best choice for the job last week by the former Football Association chairman Lord Triesman because of his "extraordinary international experience", Hodgson said: "I am flattered to be considered."

As for adjusting to the lack of day-to-day involvement, which Redknapp has expressed reservations about, he said: "You've just got to be even more focused on what's most important because you know that the time you've got with the players is more limited. Otherwise the approach to the job is pretty much the same. I think the top club managers will always be capable of being top international managers."