How the world sees it: 28/06/2010

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New York Post, USA

'This sport is stupid anyway'

The World Cup ended for the United States with a 2-1 defeat to Ghana, the same way it ended four years ago. And despite the fact that the team won its group for the first time ever, and dragged soccer into the mainstream back home, in the end it was undone by all the same frailties it had shown on the road to South Africa. A penchant for giving up early goals. A lack of a partner in the middle for Michael Bradley. A dearth of game-winners up front. And worst of all, most damning in any championship in any sport, a porous defence. All four of those Achilles' heels were ripped open by Ghana, and the US paid dearly.

El Mercurio, Chile

'There'll be 10 goals against us'

Pablo Contreras must stop Robinho and Luis Fabiano, otherwise there'll be 10 goals against Chile. He will surely miss the suspended Ponce in the decisive match against Brazil, as defensive partner Gary Medel also misses out, as Chile currently head the lists for most fouls (61) and yellow cards (12).

Jornal de Noticias, Portugal

'A charm called Ronaldo'

By the start of next season, seven Portuguese stars will play in Spain, but on Tuesday all cameras will be on CR7, the man so loved in Madrid, as he eliminates the country where he plays.