Iraqi footballers battle 45 C heat and fasting as Premier League season draws to a close

The season has been delayed due to security fears and a month-long break during the Asian Cup

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If you were one of the people complaining about the heat on the tube or in your office during the hottest day ever recorded in July in the UK (36 C), spare a thought for footballers in Iraq.

The Premier League season should have finished weeks ago, but given fixture trouble - it doesn't help having Isis creating terror and trauma in the north of the country - there are still football matches to be played. And it's not great that the temperature is reaching 45 C most days.

Thus, teams like Al Shorta, the current league champions, practice at night time. But their games still take place in the day as there is a lack of floodlit stadiums in the country.

Don't forget that aside from playing in such intense heat at 4:30 in the afternoon, all the players are fasting during the month of Ramadan, thus making their situation seem even more unbearable.

Find out more about Iraqi footballers battling the heat in the video below: