It's time to refamiliarise yourself with Mitchell and Webb's 'Watch The Football!'

"Watch the football! It's going to move!"

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With the World Cup getting underway today, the nation is facing an amount of football pundits will probably refer to as a "feast", and no-one has summed up the sport's brilliance and absurdity quite as well as That Mitchell and Webb Look.

The clip dates back to 2008 but has been shared abundantly today such is the feverish anticipation for people from across the globe gathering to try and repeatedly kick the ball in the net.

As one YouTube commentor noted, the clip "has the amazing quality of being funny to both people who love football, and people who hate football," seeing David Mitchell play a presenter striding a pitch talking about football with that unmistakable Sky Sports News tone.

Mitchell teases "a clash that's going to go down in history as one of the many football matches that are happening this weekend," along with "old scores to be settled at The Dell, scores like 1-0 and 2-2 that have happened in previous years."

Whether you're delighted or terrified by the prospect of five weeks of solid football, you can find an indispensable guide to how to get the most out of it by Chris (Simpsons artist) here.