John Terry denies cashing in on England captaincy

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John Terry has denied ever trying to cash in on his status as England captain.

Terry has been given the job back by Fabio Capello ahead of Saturday's Euro 2012 qualifier with Wales in Cardiff.

Even if Rio Ferdinand and Steven Gerrard had been fit, the move would have made sense given Terry is the most obvious leader in Capello's squad.

However, some still have reservations, partly for the allegations of an affair with the ex-girlfriend a former team-mate, Wayne Bridge, and also because a PR company that attached itself to Terry claimed they could get the 30-year-old to endorse products.

"I never tried to cash in on anything," he countered.

"There was an issue with the statement that went out initially. It was a company that didn't represent me.

"I am not the best looking guy anyway, so people aren't going to want me spread all over the place.

"I have never tried to cash in on the England captaincy.

"People should know the truth. I have a deal with Umbro that, legally, means I have to do 12 big interviews over the course of a year.

"But people just tend to think that I'm cashing in on a personal great opportunity."

Although Terry could not be described as bullish yesterday, neither was he contrite.

There was certainly no apology for the behaviour that triggered Capello's decision to strip the armband from him 13 months ago.

"I accepted their decision. It doesn't mean to say I agreed with it. And I never will," said Terry.

"As I said to the manager and Franco (Baldini) at the time I understand.

"But I never gave up hope of getting it back."

It is an honour the Chelsea star covets more than any other.

And having been offered it, there was never a chance he would turn it down, even though he knows exactly what awaits if England fail to secure a victory at the Millennium Stadium that would get them back on the right track to reach Poland and the Ukraine.

"Coming out and having to deal with the questions and stuff like that was like the first day back at school," he said.

"It is an intimidating thing, even though I have been in this position many times before.

"I am not daft. If we beat Wales on Saturday it will be a great stepping stone for us.

"If we don't get the right result, I know where the fingers will be pointing.

"I am not silly. I am a grown man and I am prepared to deal with that."