Kenyon accuses Chelsea's rivals of hypocrisy

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Kenyon is angry at the way Chelsea's reputation was constantly brought into question last season over a number of high-profile incidents. The tapping-up saga involving Arsenal's Ashley Cole is just one of many that Kenyon feels should have been handled much better.

The ill-feeling between the two seems to have no sign of abating and Manchester United have also been pointing the finger after Kenyon innocently bumped into their defender Rio Ferdinand, who has yet to sign a new contract. But Kenyon believes more responsibility lies at Arsenal's and Manchester United's door.

He said: "I'm not confident things will be better at all with Arsenal. We won't be going for Ashley Cole this season and if that improves it that's good. We don't comment on other clubs but we are not just going to sit back and take it. I think it's born out of hypocrisy and insecurity. There have been two kids on the block for 12 years and now there is a third and he looks like being more successful.

"Is it disruptive? Not really, it is time-consuming, but it is not going to stop us from doing the job in hand and being the most successful club. You can't ignore them, but we had an era when someone would pick up the phone and then have a conversation instead of putting it in writing and being a letter of complaint.

"You accept it, you don't like it, you don't put yourselves in that position, but some of the instances Chelsea have been vilified this year go on every single day."

Kenyon only joined Chelsea on their US tour on Friday, but flies back today to wrap up the signing of Lyon midfielder Michael Essien. The French club have demanded as much as £32m for the Ghanaian, but Kenyon is adamant Chelsea will not be held to ransom.