Lampard not moaning about England camp

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Frank Lampard insists any misgivings about the secluded nature of England's training camp pale into insignificance compared with the target of reviving their World Cup campaign.

Several England players have highlighted the boredom factor in terms of the spare time they have to fill between training, meals and team meetings.

But Lampard is adamant it is "not a boot camp" and knows any player excluded from the squad would happily swap places with anyone ahead of tomorrow's crucial clash with Slovenia.

The Chelsea midfielder, who turned 32 on Sunday, said: "There is, let's be honest, time when you're sitting around in the hotel.

"It's not boot camp. It's a bit unfortunate in a way that we've got the most fantastic facilities here, but we do have to be a bit secluded.

"I think there's a security issue there and no one can change that. The staff have done the utmost to make it as enjoyable as they can.

"They can be long days, no doubt about that. Anyone who has been away at a tournament will know they can be long days.

"But we're here for a very, very good reason, to try and do well in the World Cup, and we're very fortunate to be here.

"So, when you do hit those days where they do get a bit long, you just sort of think 'I'll get through today and then tomorrow do something different.'

"I think if you ask anyone, the players who didn't get in the squad or are on holiday, they would want to be here.

"They would say exactly the same. I certainly wouldn't moan about it for one minute."

Lampard acknowledges England have not fired on all cylinders against the USA or Algeria, but knows they are capable of turning that around in Port Elizabeth tomorrow.

He said: "With hindsight I think the USA game wasn't actually too bad considering it was an opening game.

"If you're blatantly honest about the game, we should have won it on the chances.

"But personally, I don't think any player in the squad can say they have played to expectations and be really that honest about it.

"I think we've all been slightly below par, particularly against Algeria, and I want to come back firing and show what I can do."

Lampard is aware fortunes can quickly turn around from his own experiences at Chelsea last season.

He added: "You're only as good as your last game, but the most important game is always your next game.

"It can turn on an instant because of the quality in the team. That is football. We have to make sure it just turns.

"I can always hark back to different times in my career when it has been like that.

"Last season we played Inter Milan in the Champions League (and got knocked out) and then we went up to play Blackburn and it (the performance) was exactly the same.

"Then we went and beat Portsmouth 5-0 and Aston Villa 7-1. That is football."