Luis Suarez bite: Paul Scholes slams Suarez and claims 10-match ban 'not enough' while Robbie Fowler admits Liverpool could sell...but Joey Barton believes it's part of 'being a winner'

The football world has had its say on Suarez's alleged bite on Giorgio Chiellini with former rival Scholes delivering the most stinging criticism

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Paul Scholes has said handing Luis Suarez a 10-match ban or suspending him from the remainder of the World Cup would not be sufficient punishment after the Uruguay striker was accused of biting Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini.

The incident is the third time Suarez has appeared to bite an opponent, having already been found guilty of sinking his teeth into PSV Eindhoven’s Otman Bakkal and Branislav Ivanovic of Chelsea in recent years.

On Tuesday night, it appeared that the striker resorted to his old ways after clashing with Chiellini, who revealed marks on his left shoulder that looked to resemble teeth marks. It was also revealed that Suarez had apparently tried to bite Chiellini a year ago during the Confederations Cup.

UPDATE: Luis Suarez banned for nine matches

Former Manchester United and England midfielder Scholes has blasted the striker, and feels that a lengthy ban – longer than the 10 matches he received for biting Ivanovic – is the only way that the punishment can fit the crime.

“Luis Suarez was banned for 10 games for biting Chelsea's Branislav Ivanovic in April 2013. That obviously wasn't enough,” Scholes told bookmakers

“On Tuesday night, with the biting incident on Italy's Giorgio Chiellini during Uruguay's Group D clash, Suarez embarrassed his club, country and family.

“Banning him for the rest of the World Cup is not enough, because Colombia will beat Uruguay in their next game anyway.”


The retired footballer, who now spends his time working as a coach and TV pundit on occasion, also said that Suarez has tarnished his reputation that he had impressively rebuilt this season.

“He will feel terrible, and the entire incident is such a shame because he's a tremendous player,” Scholes added.

“But people will remember Suarez now for his biting antics at this World Cup rather than his supreme footballing ability.”

P2-Sky.Ruckas.jpgAnother controversial character in Joey Barton expressed his view on what the alleged bite from Suarez was down to, which in his eyes “comes with the territory” of being a “winner”.

The QPR midfielder, who has settled down following a number of years that saw him in the headlines for all the wrong reasons, tweeted: “I love Suarez. I love his passion for the game. I would have him on my team everyday of the week. I am also aware you can't defend him here.

“All things considered I'd rather receive a bite than a leg breaking challenge. Whilst he should be punished, it is not the end of the world.

“He's a winner. If that means he occasionally steps over the line between right and wrong, than thats what comes with the territory...[SIC]

“Nobody's perfect...”

However, a former Liverpool great believes the latest incident could signal the end of Suarez’s career at Anfield. Robbie Fowler admitted that Suarez has left himself indefensible, and that what he did on Tuesday had left the ex-Reds striker “flummoxed” with the difference in his behaviour on and off the pitch.

“You can't defend him,” Fowler told talkSPORT.

“Off the pitch he's an absolutely lovely fella. He does so much work for charity, does so much work in the community in Liverpool.

Chiellini shows the marks left on shoulder

“And I love him as a player, but you cannot condone what he has done.

“When he gets on the pitch he just becomes a different person. I'm flummoxed for words.”

With both Real Madrid and Barcelona linked with big-money moves for Suarez, it remains to be seen whether the Merseyside club are now willing to part with a player who they fought tooth and nail to keep hold of last season, or whether his latest indiscretion has put off the Spanish club’s from pursuing their top transfer target.

Suarez appeared to suggest his teeth had made contact with Chiellini by holding them in pain

Fowler went on to add that the club must now seriously consider his future with the Premier League runners-up, as he has once again tarnished the name of Liverpool FC due to his own actions.

“It's a real, real tough predicament most Liverpool fans are in. They love him as a player, but he's continually dragging the club's name through the mud again,” said Fowler.

“It's not right, especially after how they helped him last time. They tried to rehabilitate him.

“I wouldn't be surprised if he went now.”