Novo would play for Scotland

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Nacho Novo has told the SFA he will apply for British citizenship - if they approach him over playing for Scotland.

The Spaniard last week admitted he would be interested in switching allegiances, prompting widespread debate over eligibility for the national team.

The 29-year-old Rangers striker disagrees with the rule that could see him turn out for his adopted country.

But he insists he would give his all if handed the chance.

"People have been saying that I have a British passport," Novo said.

"I don't and I haven't applied for one.

"Will I? If the SFA contact me and say they are interested, I will do it."

Novo, who came to Scotland eight years ago to play for Raith Rovers, can understand those opposed to him being called up.

But he insists he would play with "passion" - as that is all he knows.

And he claims he would reject any last-minute offer from Spain if he had already agreed to play for Scotland.

He said: "I understand why people say that, to play for Scotland, you must be born in Scotland. I agree with that and I'm not trying to make trouble.

"But I've been asked the question and I've answered it.

"I would be happy to play for Scotland. But that's all I said - I never said I was going to try to play for Scotland."

But he added: "I would give everything for the team, as I have done for any side I've played for."

The SFA last week confirmed that George Burley would consider Novo for selection if he obtained a British passport, which he is entitled to apply for having lived in the UK for more than five years.

But it remains to be seen whether Scotland manager Burley will approach the Rangers striker.